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A catch up with Jorina Baars

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Jorina Baars interview


Photo Credit: Marty Rockatansky Photography
Jorina Baars Knees Martina Jindrova At Lion Fight 25 / Photo Credit: Marty Rockatansky Photography

We decided to have a catch up with Jorina Baars, just because it was about time! This lady really doesn’t need an introduction, we all know who she is right!? So we’ll skip that and jump right in!

Awakening: Hey Jorina, thanks so much for joining us again, how are you!?

Jorina Baars: Hi and thank you very much for the interview.  Everything is going very well and I am ready for my upcoming fight against Stephanie Glew.

Awakening: That’s exciting, we’ll find out about that in a moment, but before we get into what is coming up we’d like to congratulate you on winning two awards in the 2015 Awakening Muay Thai Awards.  The community voted you the ‘Inspirational Female Fighter of the Year’ as well as voting your fight versus Martina Jindrova at Lion Fight 25 the ‘Fight of the Year’! (Watch the fight at the bottom of the interview) This is not the first year you’ve won in these Muay Thai awards, but how does it feel to continue to be recognized in this way by the fight community?

Jorina: Thanks to all the my Fans that voted, you guys and gals are the ones I am fighting for! It makes me happy that I inspire people and they love to see me fighting.

Awakening: ..and being voted the ‘Inspirational Fighter of the Year’, one of the big three categories, do you feel more pressure or more responsibility as an athlete role model as your popularity has increased?

Jorina: The pressure to perform is always there and that will never disappear it keeps me on my toes, in shape and always ready for battle.  The Fans like who and how I am. 

Awakening: Looking back at 2015 in general, do you have a favourite highlight?

Jorina: Every fight I fought in 2015 has its own highlights, but the one that stands out was my fight against Jindrova, where I got the nice (nasty) cut.  For those who have seen the fight know that  "Winners never quit and quitters never win!"

Photo Credit: Marty Rockatansky Photography
Jorina Baars' Cut At Lion Fight 25 / Photo Credit: Marty Rockatansky Photography

Awakening: So true, that cut was brutal!

It is well known that you have previously struggled in the past to find opponents willing to face you. In 2014 you were able to fight once, which was your unforgettable victory over Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Justino in your Lion Fight debut. In 2015, you fought 3 times in the USA and Thailand. What do you credit as giving you more opportunities, is it perhaps your win over Cyborg, or do you feel it’s the rise of female combat sports in general?

Jorina: There are a lot of upcoming female fighters, which is Great, it creates opportunities for all of us to fight.  I always said you can beat everyone! Everyone is beatable. My opponents do think the same.

Awakening: A very grounded answer, that’s always nice to see from someone in the top flight.

So exciting news! You have an upcoming fight on March 4th versus Stephanie Glew at Caged Muay Thai 8 in Australia, a promotion run by John Wayne Parr. This is a fight with mma gloves, and in an MMA cage. We know you’ve fought MMA in the cage before, but have you fought Muay Thai in a cage before? Does this change how you train or prepare for this fight?

Jorina: This will be my first muay thai fight in a cage. I did my daily training sessions and routines, the ones I always do before my fights. No extra training in a cage.  We did some training sessions with mma gloves. It's definitely a difference 10 oz or mma gloves.

Caged Muay Thai 8
Caged Muay Thai 8

Awakening: What do you know about Stephanie? And does this also affect how you train?

Jorina: I know we are the same in height (and obviously in weight).  This will be the second time I will fight an opponent with the same height. I'm very tall for a women.  I know that Stephanie is a very talented upcoming fighter. I certainly do not underestimate her, but a battle it will be!

Awakening: Oh we don’t doubt that Jorina!  After you fight with Stephanie Glew, when can your fans expect to see you fight next? Will you be returning to Lion Fight this year to defend your Welterweight World title again?

Jorina: I have no upcoming fights scheduled and hope to fight again in June or July, which will probably be for Lion Fight in the United States.  If there are any promotors interested to have me fight please do not hesitate to make contact. Contactjorina@gmail.com

I am ready at a moment’s notice!

Awakening: You heard it folks!

Photo Credit: Marty Rockatansky Photography
Jorina Baars &Amp; Martina Jindrova At Lion Fight 25 / Photo Credit: Marty Rockatansky Photography

Awakening: You have been incredibly dominant in your Muay Thai and Kickboxing career. Going forward, are there any fights in mind that you would like to make, or other titles you would like to try to win?

Jorina: I love the sport so I will fight anybody and everybody in my weight and with a good record. I have heard that Bellator is starting with muay thai fights at their events as well name under the event name of "Dynamite" I have seen very good female fighters as well, and of course I am willing and able to fight any of their Talent. 

Awakening: Oh of course, Bellator Kickboxing, we hope they contact you.

For the women and girls that are only just beginning their martial arts journeys, what advice would you give to them?

Jorina: Like what you do, train hard and smart, show love for the sport and of course listen to your coaches.

Awakening: Ok to bring this interview to a close, thanks SO much for joining us again! Are there any shout outs or Thank-Yous you’d like to make?

Jorina: Yes I like to give special Thanks to my sponsors! And I am looking for new sponsors as well. For info send a mail to contactjorina@gmail.com

Thanks to all my sponsors

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Last but not least, thanks to my family, friends, coaches and fans for the support thank you soooooo much!!!

Awakening: Legend!

Video courtesy of AXS TV FIGHTS

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