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Welcome to Awakening Fighters, the ultimate resource for the female fighter. Our innovative database of female fighters is host to tens of thousands of female athletes from around the world. Above is a selection of a few featured athletes, to browse the entire database click the view all button above. Alternatively, use the search box at the top of the page.

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MMA In Action 2022: Top 5 Best UFC Knockouts For The Month Of March

Fans were treated to a much more competitive matchup during the month of March, as there were encounters that stood out as having some of the best UFC knockouts. Thus, in this article, we’ll take a look at five of the best fights that resulted in an excellent old-fashioned knockout.

April 20
MMA Training Tips For Adolescent Girls

Mixed Martial Arts “MMA” is a term utilized in reference to cage fighting. Before 2012, women were rarely heard of in MMA. This all changed when Ronda Rousey made her Ultimate Fighting Championship “UFC” debut in February 2012.

April 17
April Progress Report

You may have noticed that I’ve decided to give a regularly updates on the progress of the Awakening website and database. I write these updates up at the start of of each month, to keep you informed and to reassure you of the masses of work that’s being done here.

April 2
Winning Your Bets: How to Effectively Pick the Best MMA Fighter

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is an exciting and fun sport to watch and bet on. It is also called cage fighting, as fighters will fight inside a cage-like ring. Although MMA is a full-contact sport, most promotions like the UFC and ONE FC have a set of rules to ensure the safety of the fighters.

March 29
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